Planning a Kitchen Remodel Around Your Utilities in Las Vegas, NV; Moving Sink, Waste Pipe & More

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, this is one of the smartest home updates you will do. You can count on the biggest ROI after remodeling a kitchen. You will see an even bigger ROI when you choose to remodel your kitchen and keep the same layout. This will cut the cost significantly. When planning your remodel, it is important that you keep your utilities in mind. Hero Plumbing is here to talk about the different utilities that you need to think about during your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Outlet Circuit & Lighting Requirements

If you think about all the electrical needs in your kitchen, there are many. You need to take into consideration the many appliances that you have in need of electrical wiring. Your lighting is also something to think about. You may want to upgrade the lighting to give you more task lighting, or even under cabinet lighting as well. If you need to move any of the electrical wiring during your remodel, it is easiest to do so after the old kitchen has been completely removed and the wiring is more accessible.

Running Natural Gas Plumbing Around Cabinets

If your kitchen has natural gas or propane, it may need to be moved. You will most likely want to upgrade your appliances and every appliance is different as well. Your supply pipes may end up needing to be converted to hook up new appliances that have connections that are different from your old appliances. You may want to consider having your new gas appliances professionally installed if you don’t have the training for it.

Move Kitchen Sink, Waste Pipe & Other Plumbing Needs

Another major part of your kitchen remodel is the plumbing. Your sink will need hot and cold connections to your faucet. The dishwasher will also need to be hooked up to plumbing. When moving waste pipes, it is often difficult to extend them, so that is why you should always keep the sink and the dishwasher close together. If you’re moving the plumbing, make sure you are meeting all the building codes. It may require a building inspector to clear you.

Steps to Remodel a Kitchen

When you remove the old kitchen, it can be tricky when you are still living in the space. It is important you take into account the fact that you will probably want to keep a water supply and come up with some sort of time table for your renovation. Following is a sample plan for after your old kitchen has been removed:
– Make changes to electrical wiring
– Upgrade the plumbing system
– Do any structural work like moving walls, flooring and ceiling work
– Install new cabinets
– Installation of countertops and backsplash
– Install sink and the new faucets
– Install appliances

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As you are planning your kitchen remodel, your plumbing system is going to play a big part. You want someone you can trust working to install the upgraded plumbing for your kitchen like the professionals at Hero Plumbing. Call us today!

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