What Happens if You Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain in Eldorado, NV? What Will Dissolve It?

Pouring grease down your kitchen drain is a big no-no. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens on accident. When it comes to grease down your drain, how you handle it can make all the difference. If you don’t take care of the problem, it can lead to much larger issues down the line. However, by following a few simple steps, you can save your plumbing from the unfortunate grease. Hero Plumbing is here to talk about what you need to do when you pour grease down your drain.

What Happens if I Pour Grease Down the Drain?

Even though a lot of grease is in liquid form when you’re cooking, it isn’t something that you want to put down your drain. Most of the grease that is a byproduct of cooking will start to solidify when it cools off. If it is oil that isn’t going to solidify, it still sticks to the walls of the plumbing and can cause clogs to start forming. If you are working with grease or oil of any kind, you want to make sure it isn’t going down your drain when you’re cleaning things up.

What to Do if You Accidentally Pour Grease Down the Drain?

There are times when accidents simply happen. Now that you know how harmful grease can be to your drains, it’s important to take the following steps should it ever end up going down your drain.
– No More Grease: The first thing you need to do is to make sure no more grease goes down the drain. You don’t want to throw your hands up in the air and say, “what’s done, is done.” Make sure that you allow anymore to go down your drain.
– Use Hot Water: You want to make sure that you’re not allowing the grease to solidify in your pipes. When grease ends up in your drain, make sure you’re using hot water in the drain to keep it in a liquid state.
– Grab Dish Soap: There are some dish soaps that are made specifically to cut grease. You will want to mix a generous amount of soap with the hot water to remove the grease from your drain.

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If you do have a grease in your drain problem, make sure you don’t turn to harsh chemicals to clean things up. These chemicals are so harsh that they often cause damage to the plumbing in your house. You should also avoid using cold water to get rid of it. If you have a clog in your drain because there have been things put down the drain that don’t belong there, you can turn to Hero Plumbing to help you get the water flowing again. Our team of highly qualified plumbers will help you keep your plumbing in tip top shape. Call us today!

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