What Will Cause a Pipe to Burst & How Can You Prevent Bursting Pipes in Your Canyon Gate, NV Home?

Your plumbing system is one of those things that many homeowners don’t think too much about. That is, until there is a problem that brings the house to a halt. If one of your pipes bursts, it can leave your home without a plumbing system until that pipe is fixed. When pipes burst, most homeowners want to know why the burst has happened. There are a number of different reasons why pipes end up bursting. Hero Plumbing is here to talk about some of the problems that can lead to a burst pipe.

Most Common Reasons Your Pipes Burst

It is important to know the cause of burst pipes so that you can avoid them at all costs. There are, sometimes, things that are out of your control though. It is still something that homeowners should be aware of in case there is anything they can do to safeguard their plumbing systems.
– Extreme Temperatures: When temperatures are extremely cold, it can cause water in your pipes to freeze. This is especially problematic because water expands as it freezes. When this expansion occurs, it causes pressure to build up to the point that it can cause a pipe to burst. Making sure that you have enough insulation, disconnect hoses from your house, and other measures can help you avoid this problem.
– Pipe Corrosion: It is common, over time, for pipes that are made of steel or copper to start showing signs of corrosion. This leaves the pipes weakened. The corrosion process is a process in which the walls of the pipes get thinner and thinner which makes them far more weak. If there is any irregular water pressure, it can be enough to cause the pipes to burst.
– Tree Roots: The roots of the trees on your property will naturally grow towards a water source. This can mean big problems for your pipes. If the tree roots are large enough, they can either penetrate pipes or wrap themselves around the pipes and squeeze so hard that water isn’t able to flow through the pipes any longer.
– Hard Water: When you have water that is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it can cause problems over time. These minerals can build up inside the walls of the pipes and reduce the internal diameter of the pipe. This buildup can also cause corrosion to happen quicker which can lead to pipes bursting.
– Poor Plumbing Installations: If the plumbing system that keeps your house running wasn’t installed properly, it can lead to weak joints, incorrect fittings, and inadequate support that can be detrimental to your pipes.

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